The Autoharp by Gavin Lakin – Post 15

Do Our Early Seminal Moments Define Us Outright, Or As We Age, Do We Reconstitute Our Narrative to Fit Our Most Recent Version of Who We Are? Then She stood ever-so-elegantly on a rickety wooden chair, her slender arms reaching out to the top left corner of another Duck and Cover poster where she applied a … Continue reading The Autoharp by Gavin Lakin – Post 15

*** Special Announcement ***

I am humbled by the generous and exceedingly professional team at Today, they have published my piece about the 1970s writing a poignant letter to 1969. I hope you enjoy reading it and it would be very meaningful to me if you could leave comments at BoomerCafe. Thank you to all my family, friends, … Continue reading *** Special Announcement ***