Gavin, once known as Grog and Grub . . .


How old is Gavin??????

Gavin Lakin, creator of seventiesology,  is a writer of fiction and creative non-fiction, most prominently in the areas of Historical and Literary fiction, New Adult, pop culture, music, all with an emphasis on the mercurial 1970s. His writings, musings and hazy remembrances are featured here in his monthly writings.

Gavin has authored several literary historical novels and is actively seeking acquisition and representation.

In the capacity of contributing writer, his works have been published with Memoir Mixtapes Vol.1/Medium Entropy Magazine Beautiful Losers Magazineboomercafe.com the latter a site dedicated to archiving the Baby Boom generation. He always welcomes followers’ thoughts after something new has been posted HERE, as well as adding to the conversation at the ACTUAL SITE where his works are published. (They typically request that you log on via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.)

Be sure to visit Gavin’s Twitter feed and his Facebook author page!

Gavin is a member of the Authors Guild and American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI), and with his songwriting background, Gavin is a twenty-five-year published member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). His music has been featured on NBC television. Gavin received an Honorable Mention for his song “Lesson in the Blues” from Nashville Songwriters Association. His latest original music appeared as the underscore to a videography piece you can watch here.

Gavin conceived, designed and curates his online collectibles business, Late Blue Highway, with a tagline where “We make it our business to remember”.

A native Californian, Gavin lives in the San Francisco Bay Area without a dog, which makes him somewhat of an anomaly.

DisclaimerThe photographic images on this site are either from the personal archives of seventiesology or attained from free image sites. For all others, as this is a literary and artistic forum with its sole purpose to entertain and inform, no images are used to generate revenue, therefore, fair use laws apply. 

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