About Gavin

As someone who came of age in the 1970s, I welcome you to read my bi-weekly writings on the topics of literature, music, and culture. I invite those of you who were there (if you remember) to join in on the discussion. I look forward to your comments and remembrances; whether hazy or cogent. As a published writer, an author of literary historical fiction and pop culture, a musician, lyricist, songwriter, published member of ASCAP and the designer and owner of the online business Late Blue Highway (where “we make it our business to remember”), humbly, and with a healthy mix of nostalgia and cynicism, I contemplate the decade that was, in a word, mercurial.



Gavin Lakin

(Guess what grade I was in when this was taken!)

DisclaimerThe photographic images on this site are either from the personal archives of seventiesology or attained from free image sites. For all others, as this is a literary and artistic forum with its sole purpose to entertain and inform, no images are used to generate revenue, therefore, fair use laws apply. 

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