A sincere shout out to BoomerCafe.com for publishing another original piece of mine entitled, “1970s Counterculture: Misunderstood, Mystifying, or Merely Me?

This is for you, my brothers and sisters, who on Sunday nights huddled around KMET with Dr. Demento and his dead puppies. And for those of you Rocky Horror Picture Show fanatics who had an excuse to do a little cross-dressing. And for those of you with toilet tank tops adorned with Kliban’s books – it was only fitting that his twisted portrayals of the human condition were relegated to the throne.

However, let’s give credit where it is due: The actual term “counterculture” was derived from the hippie movement of the 1960s; thereby, it is proprietary. I’m way cool with that. However, since so many of us straddle the line between the decades, I attempt to make a case that the “Me Decade” consisted of enclaves of defiant permutations of a “We Decade” or,  “community” – even if  sometimes these far-left forces were literally “Up in Smoke.”

As always, thanks for visiting, reading, commenting and spreading the word!


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