All-in-One – Post 35 by Gavin Lakin

One. Its connotations are infinite. Painfully lonesome or intimately connected. The kid never picked to play basketball in gym or winning a championship - on top of the world. The lowest roll on a die or the winning knock card in Gin Rummy. The idioms: the one that got away or one for the record … Continue reading All-in-One – Post 35 by Gavin Lakin


I am very pleased to announce that my piece, "Standing Next to Everyman Social Commentary and Rock Music" has been published by Entropy. This well-conceived online magazine is for literary and non-literary content. However, they ascribe to the approach of not just being a website or magazine, but a community space where writers can share a … Continue reading *** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ***

Sylmar Rising by Gavin Lakin – Post 19

  In January of 1971 I turned eleven. Still have the L.A. Times’ zodiac from that morning. My year ahead would be “tempestuous.” Had to look that one up. Rooted in Latin meaning “storm.” Great. Never figured out what a sun or moon sign meant. Rising, descending. Didn’t care, really. I’d managed to grow relatively … Continue reading Sylmar Rising by Gavin Lakin – Post 19