I am very pleased to announce that my piece, “Standing Next to Everyman Social Commentary and Rock Music” has been published by Entropy. This well-conceived online magazine is for literary and non-literary content. However, they ascribe to the approach of not just being a website or magazine, but a community space where writers can share a wide variety of ideas and perspectives on a range of genres, be it video games to film reviews. Needless to say, I am thrilled to be part of such an exciting base for interaction with other writers and contributors!

Those of you who were raised with social commentary songs, I would absolutely love to hear your comments, and so would Entropy. Please submit your comments there and I will respond to each one! Spread the word to your friends and family members who are classic rock fanatics.

I hope Stevie Wonder, War, James Taylor, Janis Ian, The Who and Neil Young among others will stir intense memories and challenge you to develop your own compendium. How similar will it be to mine? Which songs do you adamantly agree with? What did I so carelessly omit? Or, was it careless?

Take us out, Jackson . . .

Waiting here for Everyman-
Make it on your own if you think you can
If you see somewhere to go I understand

I’m not trying to tell you that I’ve seen the plan
Turn and walk away if you think I am-
But don’t think too badly of one who’s left holding sand
He’s just another dreamer, dreaming ’bout Everyman

— Jackson Browne

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