*** Memoir Mixtapes Vol. 2: Life in LP Released! ***

Happy New Year to all of you!

2018 promises to be a year where the written word and music from around the world bring us together unlike ever before.



I have written my most personal and confessional piece ever entitled Undertow: A Valentine to My Father, published today.


We have all suffered losses over the course of our lives. In writing this, I tapped into something I was resistant to explore in depth. It took my long-playing appreciation for the unparalleled Sarah MacLachlan, and the creative online magazine space curated and edited by the talented team of Samantha Lamph/Len and Kevin D. Woodall to groove this out of me.

Okay, enough puns about albums. Vinyl-ly.

May you all thrive in this new year with those you love and the pursuits you dream.





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